High-End Wireless Headphones Under $100? We’re Listening.

Status Audio’s new cans are a sonic revelation

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Listen up: All of your headphone needs are about to be solved.

Status Audio is a NY-based audio brand that uses its lack of branding to pass along savings but not skimp on sound — which is why you can grab studio-quality cans for as little as $79 (one of our editors has been using their wired CB-1s for years and still swears by ‘em).

And now, they’ve gone wireless. Available for preorder, the BT Ones are slim, comfy, 40mm driver on-ear headphones with an emphasis on … well, as they put it, “bassheads rejoice.” Plus, the “umber” (eh, let’s call it a dark tan) colorway is damn handsome.

What you’re getting:

  • 30 hours on a charge
  • A collapsible, bi-fold design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C connection with fast charging capabilities
  • A wired 3.5mm cable backup

The preorder price is an astounding $99 (normally $120), which is up to 70% less than what you’d pay for a top-tier wireless set.

And here’s the real bonus: They’ll ship with a complimentary pair of just-released machined aluminum IEM-2X earbuds (a $49 value), which look a lot better than the plastic buds you get with your smartphone and provide a “neutral” sound signature that doesn’t artificially pump up the bass.

It’s your wireless and wired pair all at once, for less than three figures. Sounds perfect.


Photos: Status Audio

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