Russell Crowe’s Wrapping Up His Divorce by Selling Old Film Props


March 21, 2018 9:00 am

Some people toast the end of a marriage by going a months-long bender. Others buy a gym membership, court someone half their age and do the whole thing over again.

And then there’s actor, rugby enthusiast and generally irritable person Russell Crowe, who’s wrapping up his 2012 separation from Danielle Spencer with a massive personal effects sell-off sponsored by Sotheby’s Australia.

The name of the shindig? “The Art of Divorce.”

Going down in Sydney on April 7, the auction is a rare opportunity to acquire a wide range of props from Russell Crowe’s many flicks, most notably some of Maximus’ battle wares in Gladiator. Included in the bidding: his horse-adorned armor, leather wrist cuffs, wooden training sword and the blade he used to kill the tiger in the Colosseum. Not to mention a fully operational replica Roman chariot.

In addition to other movie mementos, (Cinderella Man has a good haul) Crowe’s selling a ton of random stuff. And most of it’s actually pretty fascinating: 17th century tapestries, vintage guitars, Johnny Cash’s 1986 Best Spoken Word Grammy, a motorcycle from 1917, dueling pistols, an extensive watch collection … and even a mounted Mosasaur skull. (That’s a giant marine lizard that went extinct 66 million years ago.)

If you’re interested in any of it, plan on heading down to Sydney in early April, or register for an absentee/telephone/online bidding option here.

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