An Iconic Summer Movie Now Exists in Lego Form

You're gonna need a smaller boat

Lego Jaws
This shark requires some assembly.

The connection between Legos and blockbuster movies is one that runs deep — to the extent that some keen-eyed observers have been able to piece together plot details of upcoming movies using only their Lego tie-ins. But the blockbusters of tomorrow aren’t the only big-screen entertainment you can assemble at home; the toy company occasionally dips into the well of classic films from yesteryear. And at a time when the 50th anniversary of Jaws is rapidly approaching, it’s not surprising to see a certain shark resurface in the form of plastic bricks.

As Lego’s official announcement of the new set reveals, the concept was originally developed in the company’s Ideas page — one where enterprising Lego designers can submit concepts for future sets. (Other examples include everything from Twister to Downton Abbey.) The original idea of adapting Jaws as Legos came from one Johnny Campbell, who first debuted the concept on Ideas two years ago.

The Jaws-themed set includes 1,497 pieces in total, including figures of three human characters from the film: Martin Brody, Matt Hooper and Sam Quint. Their vessel, the Orca, and the shark can be assembled using the pieces; it’s set to go on sale to members of Lego’s Insiders program on August 3 and to the general public on August 6. The price? $149.99.

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For those curious about how the official Jaws Lego set compares to the initial concept, Rachel Davies at Brick Fanatics has a good breakdown of the two. Davies pointed out that the changes to this new version are relatively minor, including a dedicated base and some small refinements to the shark design. If you enjoy your summer blockbusters in easily-assembled form, this might well be an essential purchase — especially since no actual sharks are involved.

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