Feast Your Eyes on the 50th Anniversary “Jaws” Watch, Gold and All

The reborn Alsta watch company has released a limited-edition Nautoscaph

Jaws watch 50th anniversary
Be aware: This gold-tinged Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic may attract sharks.

Don’t worry, we’ve still got a couple years until the 50th anniversary of Jaws, so those of you who remember seeing the movie in theaters while hiding behind a bag of popcorn don’t have to feel old just yet. But it does happen to be the golden anniversary of the watch that made a star turn on the wrist of Richard Dreyfuss: the Nautoscaph Superautomatic.

To celebrate the milestone, the reborn Alsta watch company, which we wrote about last year, has released a limited-edition version of the Nautoscaph with striking gilt accents on the dial, hands and bezel, a nod to 50 years. According to Huckberry, only 100 of these watches are available worldwide.

There are number of details on the Nautoscaph that make it an alluring timepiece in any form, limited-edition or not, including the cushion-shaped case (which many will find missing from their collections), the Speidel Mach 1-style bracelet (giving it that perforated look), and the coffin-shaped hour markers (which give the dial some potency without crowding it). But in this particular edition, there’s another upgrade besides the exclusivity and golden detailing — the Sellita SW200 automatic movement, a 26-jewel Swiss affair, as opposed to the Japanese Seiko NH35A on the previous model.

Both are solid movements and stellar watches, but if you’ve got a special place in your heart for Jaws (or just timepieces with a good story), this special-edition Nautoscaph is not one to pass up.

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