Sure, But Is Your Bluetooth Speaker Hand-Coiled From Japanese Beech Trees?

Make some space on the mantle

June 15, 2018 9:00 am

Ideally, everyone should have two good Bluetooth speakers.

The first: A portable, lightweight and reliable number, one you can toss in a backpack and fire up on beach days or in hotel showers.

The other? Something big, different, brandless, stationary. Sure to inspire dinner guests with tunes — and its own backstory.

The latter is where Bunaco comes in, from Japanese designer Oki Sato’s outpost Nendo. It’s a 4-lb acrylic cylinder (looks like a minimalist flower vase, really), surrounding a stretch of upside down, cone-shaped beech wood that trails down to the bottom of the unit, purposely left “unfinished.”

nendo (3 images)

That funky inner apparatus takes its cue from a style of bowl crafting that occurs in Aomori (a prefecture in northern Japan), wherein strips of beech wood are stripped down to a thinness resembling string, and then wound tight, creating a wiry, flexible shape. And paired with the Bunaco’s omni-directional speaker and cylinder base, the Bunaco’s poised to offer an uncommonly crisp sound. Just please don’t bring it to the beach. 

Find more information on purchasing yours here.

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