The Lauded Noise-Canceling Surface Headphones Are $100 Off

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced 13 levels of noise canceling

Microsoft Surface Noise-Canceling Headphones on Sale Amazon
The Surface headphones feature 13 levels of noise cancelation and clean design, and are $100 off.

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When Microsoft’s noise-canceling Surface headphones debuted last fall, their first wireless option, tech reviewers were quick to heap praise. Wired noted the brand “spent several years meticulously designing them” and, after testing, described them as “premium” and “impressive.” The Verge said some of the Surface’s unique features were enough to beat out similarly priced competition.

Right now, those price similarities have gone out the windows (heh), because the Surface headphones are discounted by $100 both on Microsoft’s own shop and on Amazon.

You can check out some of the features The Verge is talking about in the video below, but the main highlights are: active noise canceling (you can dial between 13 levels of noise canceling rather than just switching it on and off), dials on both ears (the right controls volume, the left noise cancelation) and Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant built in (but the headphones also work with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant).

Oh, and did we mention they sound and look stellar. Microsoft might not be the number one name in headphones, but they put a lot of thought into this pair, and for $250 they could just be your favorite noise-canceling set yet.

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