Get Dyson’s All-In-One Space Heater & Fan for $150 Off

You control the temperature now

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While everyone else in the fan industry plays checkers, Dyson is playing some Grandmaster-level chess. 

The British brand’s AM09 Hot + Cool Heater & Fan is a space heater and bladeless fan in one, which allows you to toggle through temperatures with the ease of setting a thermostat. For the room that gets frigid in the winter and boiling in the summer (basement, garage, what have you), you could definitely use one of these. And lucky for you, it’s $150 off today

Listed at $450 in every other corner of the Internet, you’ll want to head to eBay to cop it for a clean $300. Don’t worry, this isn’t some random third party selling pawned heaters. Dyson maintains an eBay account to sell products that have been refurbished, discounted or overstocked (this falls into one of the latter two categories), and if you’re willing to poke around, you can find some pretty epic deals. 

Along with the AM09’s unique dual capabilities, expect a handy remote control, easy cleaning and, importantly, no burning smell (interior heating elements never exceed 392°F, the point at which dust burns and the room generally starts to smell like car exhaust and popcorn kernels). 

BUY HERE: $450 $300

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