Pendleton’s New Chair Collection Belongs in Every Ski Lodge

Preferably with your ample keister parked atop them

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

A good chair offers comfort and support. It’s a spot to receive bad news sitting down, if you will.

As such, its looks aren’t important. Unless you’re shallow, like us. Then you’ll want one of these.

A collaboration between Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mills and Canda’s Gus* Modern, these limited-edition lounge chairs merge timeless textile work and flashy furniture manufacturing. The result: a three-piece set that belongs in a mountain cabin or ski lodge near you — preferably with your ample keister parked atop them.

Adorned in Pendleton’s signature Southwestern jacquard patterns, the chair frames and cushions are made from designer wool, powder-coated steel and FSC-Certified wood.

Pendleton Chairs (3 images)

“Fabric has a transformative effect on furniture and vice versa,” according to Gus co-founder Amanda Schuler. “We love how beautifully the jacquard patterns mesh with the chairs in the collection. Both design teams had a chance to see their work in a new light. We’re very excited to present our collaboration to the public.”

With three different styles (Halifax Rocker, Elk Chair, GT Rocker) in three distinct color patterns, the chairs start at $1,795 — though shipping costs vary depending on location.

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