This Modular Housing Startup Lets You Add Rooms as Your Family (or Income) Grows

Start with a one bedroom now. Stack on a second floor later.

November 27, 2018 9:00 am

Whether you’ve experienced the process firsthand or are an HGTV junkie, it’s common knowledge that adding space to your home is a pain in the neck (not to mention the back, head and bank account). So after a few kids, or a few salary increases, buying a new, larger home is seen as the path of least resistance.

Module, a Pittsburgh-based startup, wants to change that — or at least offer another option, with a line of modular prefab homes that grow with you.

Obviously, this isn’t an altogether new invention, as modular homes can currently be had in many forms, from earthquake-resistant A-frames to panoramic shells. But Module differs by offering a simple turnkey service that includes design, finding a plot, getting permits, construction and eventually “allowing a single room to turn into a mansion with a few turns of a wrench,” as TechCrunch writes.

Currently, Module has four home designs a buyer can start from. The smallest is the Nook, a one bedroom, one bath, one floor base model that covers just 640-square-feet and starts at $149K, though that doesn’t include the foundation, permits or site work. The other three models include the two-story Haven and Moonlighter, and the three-story Duo (which starts at $290K).

“The company has raised $1.2 million so far and they have prototype houses in Pittsburgh,” writes TechCrunch. “They already have orders and they’ve created a Tesla-like reservation system for the folks who want to try out their product.” If interested, you can make a fully refundable reservation here.

But before you lay down any cash, wait to see how the first few houses go. A brave soul has already signed on for Module numero uno, so keep an eye out for a video tour.

Main image via Module

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