You Can Practically Cast From Your Bed in This Fishing Cabin

Almost too pretty too words. Not too pretty for pictures.

September 1, 2017 9:00 am

It’s easy to conjure up an image of a rustic fishing cabin, station it along a lake or river from your memory, and retire there for awhile while your boss/significant other/the cable company bleats at you from the other end of a phone line.

Or you could just print out a copy of this contemporary Japanese fishing cabin set on the Tens River in Nara, Japan and have a look at the real thing.

Fishing Cabin (5 images)

Designed by Japanese architect Masato Sekiya, the cantilevered home distends over a natural-looking embankment of its own creation, as if were a bridge or canyon. The green roof further integrates the form into the river’s landscape, and huge windows open the bedroom up to the world. From the road, it’s pretty concealed. Facing the river, it’s anything but.

Cabin 2 (3 images)

The cabin strikes a satisfying balance of rugged and refined, with raw wood interiors set against a smooth concrete mass. Television? Yes. But the picture window is what we’re after. And that riverbank outside.

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