Sports | June 19, 2018 9:12 am

Jimmy Kimmel and Ted Cruz Play Really Bad Basketball for a Really Good Cause

Their game of one-on-one didn’t even make it to 15 after two hours of play.

Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel playing one-on-one for charity. (YouTube/ABC)
Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel playing one-on-one for charity. (YouTube/ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel may have won the war of words, but Ted Cruz won the basketball game.

During a one-on-one game of hoops that was supposed to go to 15 with all the proceeds going to charity, both parties opted to call it a day after two hours of play with Cruz ahead 11-9.

Before that happened, Kimmel did get a jab in on Cruz over the detained immigrant children on the Mexican border. “Did you spend more time this week practicing basketball than trying to get those kids out of that detention center?” Kimmel asked during a break in play.

When the Texas senator responded by asking about all the children President Obama detained, Kimmel responded, “Yeah, if there were any, you should have done something about that too.”

The game, which became known as The Blobfish Classic and aired on Monday night, raised at least $85,000 for Texas Children’s Hospital and the non-profit ministry Generation One.

The basketball in the clip is bad, but remember, it was for a good cause.