Sports | June 10, 2019 11:41 am

Babe Ruth Jersey Could Be Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia Piece Ever

The jersey could sell for as much as $4.5 million this Saturday

American baseball player George Herman Ruth (MPI/Getty Images)
American baseball player George Herman Ruth (MPI/Getty Images)

A rare MLB jersey which used to cross the plate on the back Babe Ruth is set to cross the block this Saturday in the Bronx and it may set the record for the highest-grossing sports memorabilia piece of all time when it does.

Besides that it was worn by Ruth in the late ’20s, the jersey is also rare because it features the original “Yankees” team name across the front as opposed to the back as it is on all other iterations of the franchise’s uniforms. Ruth’s last name is also stitched into the jersey’s collar.

Authenticated by uniform expert Dave Grob of authentication company SGC, the rare jersey was graded as “Excellent/Superior” and could fetch as much as $4.5 million at auction. 

The rare Babe Ruth jersey which will be sold at auction. (Hunt Auctions)
The rare Babe Ruth jersey which will be sold at auction. (Hunt Auctions)

“For well over a decade, I have been researching and evaluating significant major league uniforms of the 20th century,” Grob said. “Every time I am presented with a historic uniform like this striking Babe Ruth example, I am always rooting for the jersey because, if it proves to be authentic, it means that an extraordinary piece of baseball history has survived.”

According to SGC CEO Dave Forman, that particular piece of baseball history “may prove to be the most valuable piece of sports memorabilia ever.”

The auction will take place at noon at Yankee Stadium. More information is available here.

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