Sex & Dating | August 18, 2022 3:02 pm

Is Vacation Sex Overrated?

We like hotel hook-ups as much as anyone, but why glorify what you can also do at home?

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Is vacation sex more fun? Well.....
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When I plan a vacation, there’s a few things I look forward to most — the food, the drinks, the chance to see something new, a break from work, and above all else, a change of pace. For some people, though, their biggest source of vacation excitement is something probably not all too different from their biggest source of excitement in their day to day: the sex. I’m not talking about the opportunity to meet hot new strangers, though surely that’s a factor for many, too. I’m referring to those who specifically glorify the sex they’ll have with their partner, the person whom they like have sex with at home. But frankly? Vacation sex is kind of overrated. 

In a clip from the Whoreible Decisions podcast that went viral on Twitter and Instagram earlier this week, one guest named Medinah said that for her, vacation sex is so wild and uninhibited that she’d be fine not only with getting poop on the hotel bed sheets during anal, but sleeping on said sheets afterwards. “I love vacation sex,” she said. “You just get nastier.” 

At minimum, vacation sex is not that good

Naturally on the podcast, the co-hosts pushed back on her claim and said while they’d be fine with sleeping with cum on them, they’d at least go ask the hotel for new sheets, or maybe even plan ahead and ask for a back-up set of sheets upon check in. Though they were indeed shocked by the poop claim, they were still supportive of the general idea that vacation sex can get pretty boisterous. This is a totally common sentiment — there are dozens of guides on why it’s so much better than at home or how to make it even better, and it’s essentially its own genre on porn sites. The idea seems to be that when you’re somewhere new, that sense of freshness paired with the ease you might be feeling away from your day-to-day rubs off in the bedroom. Pair that with your vacation boozing, a big comfy bed and maybe the freedom to be as loud as you want and you’ve got yourself a memorable romp, right?

Or really, is vacation sex memorable just because, well, everything you do on a vacation is? 

I’d much prefer to glorify the sex I have at home in the comfort of my own bed, a highlight to the mundanity of the everyday. The lore around vacation sex is such that there’s often a pressure to make it particularly unique, despite the fact that many of us would prefer to just get some sleep after a long day of drinking and eating heavily in the sun. Honestly, I’m fucking tired, bloated and sunburnt. Sure, I’ll still want to have sex, but there’s no need to expect that it’s going to be something extraordinary. 

Let’s save the real filthy sex for home. At least there you can change the sheets afterwards.