Magdalene Taylor

Magdalene Taylor is a culture writer from rural western Massachusetts covering sex, class and the Internet. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @magdajtaylor.

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Stop Saying a Grown Woman Can “Steal” a Man From Another Grown Woman

Newsflash: adults make their own decisions and people are not objects

New York Meteorologist Fired for Having a Perfectly Legal, Consensual Sex Life

NY1 meteorologist Erick Adame was fired from his job for anonymously participating in a perfectly legal adult webcam site

Is Vacation Sex Overrated?

We like hotel hook-ups as much as anyone, but why glorify what you can also do at home?

Is It Antifeminist for Women to Want a “Soft Life”?

When we label a domestic lifestyle as such, it’s only capitalism and the corporations that benefit.

What Drives the Men Who Expose Themselves on Zoom?

Two high-profile editors were recently fired for exposing themselves to coworkers. Whether they meant to is a surprisingly complex question.

Why Is It Offensive to Call a “Massage Therapist” a “Masseuse”?

The Deshaun Watson saga has raised a lot of questions — including one involving linguistics and the ongoing criminalization of sex work