News & Opinion | May 25, 2019 9:16 am

Missing Hawaii Hiker Found Alive After More Than Two Weeks

Amanda Eller was described as "slightly injured"

Aerial view of Maui, home to the Makawao Forest Reserve. (GettyImages)
Aerial view of Maui, home to the Makawao Forest Reserve. (GettyImages)
UIG via Getty Images

More than two weeks after 35-year-old hiker, Amanda Eller, was reported missing, she was found alive, her mother confirmed, according to NBC News.

Eller, a physical therapist and yoga instructor who was said to be “slightly injured” at the time of her recovery, was reported missing in Maui on May 9 when she didn’t come back from a hike in the Makawao Forest Reserve, a 2,093-acre destination for both hikers and mountain bikers that is dense with trees and trails, reports NBC. Eller’s vehicle was found close to the park with her wallet and cellphone inside.

On Friday, a Facebook page devoted to locating the lost woman posted the update: “Amanda has been found.” Searchers discovered Eller in a “deep ravine between two waterfalls,” the posting said, NBC reported. Once evacuated by helicopter, Eller called her father. “She is just as strong as we always said she would be,” one post noted on the Facebook page. “We knew she could make it this long.”

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