Arts & Entertainment | March 2, 2020 9:27 am

Marilyn Monroe’s “Niagara” Photos Could Fetch $50,000 at Auction

The collection features 200 behind-the-scenes shots of the star

Marilyn Monroe Niagara
Marilyn Monroe received top-billing in 1953's "Niagara."
Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Nearly 60 years after her death, the world still wants a piece of Marilyn Monroe, and it’s will to pay big bucks for one.

A massive set of photographic negatives catching behind-the-scenes shots of the star during her time on the set of 1953’s Niagara is the latest item to hit the ever hot Marilyn Monroe market, TMZ reported. The huge collection includes 227 total photos, with 198 featuring the actress, all captured by Canadian journalist and photographer Jock Carroll during filming for the noir thriller directed by Henry Hathaway in 1952.

Primarily composed of black and white negatives, the collection reportedly includes some color positive transparencies as well. While more than half the shots feature behind-the-scenes shots of Monroe as she prepared for her top-billed role as Rose Loomis, other snaps in the collection capture the sets, scenery and Niagara Falls.

Meanwhile, as TMZ noted, the photos are more than just a collector’s item, with the collection including the copyright to the images. Carroll signed the rights to this son when he died, and they will now be granted to the highest bidder at the auction, meaning that person will have the right to print and sell copies from the negatives. This could make the photos a fairly lucrative acquisition, although TMZ noted that commercial use of the images will still require permission from Monroe’s estate.

Unsurprisingly, the collection isn’t going cheap. According to TMZ, RR Auction currently expects a $50,000 haul from the photos.

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