Action | July 22, 2019 2:43 pm

Vail’s Epic Pass Is Now Even Crazier, Thanks to a Big Acquisition

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(Credit: Vail Mountain/Instagram)
(Credit: Vail Mountain/Instagram)

Vail Resorts’ Epic Pass was already a preposterous deal.

The numbers don’t lie: $939 for adults, $489 for the kiddies, with unrestricted access to 18 resorts around the country and limited access to partner resorts. Dedicated skiers end up saving thousands of dollars by purchasing Epic, and Vail Resorts structured the pass to perfection, mixing in big boy draws in the West with smaller mountains outside cities, making sure pass-owners see reason to use it for both vacations and day trips.

That method is about to see even more play, as Vail acquired Peaks Resorts and its 17 mountains from around the country. Peaks doesn’t have too many heritage names, but it claims many in the Midwest and on the East Coast, which might compel historically casual skiers to take the leap and purchase Epic. Peaks’ crown jewel, Hunter Mountain, is just two hours and change from Greater New York’s population of 20 million, after all.

And since Vail already owns Stowe, it now has a snowy stranglehold on the northeastern market. Also included in the Peaks Resorts treasure chest: five mountains in Pennsylvania, four in Ohio, three others in New York, three in New Hampshire, two in Missouri, one in Indiana, and one in Vermont, Mt. Snow, which is a common go-to for Bostonians.

It’s not all official quite yet, but check back here soon if you’re interested in purchasing the beefed-up Epic Pass for 2019-2020.

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