Trump Critics Slam NBC for Airing “Racist” Caravan Ad

Commercial shows migrants making their way towards the U.S. interspersed with footage of a convicted murderer.

NBC is feeling the heat from left-leaning critics who are outraged the network agreed to air President Trump’s “racist” pro-Republican ad about the migrant caravan in Mexico.

The ad aired about two-and-a-half hours into the network’s broadcast of the Sunday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots, according to The Hollywood Reporter — a day after CNN refused to show it, calling it a “racist” representation of immigrants.

After the ad aired, many took to social media to voice their displeasure with NBC for allowing such a message a platform.

“So @nbc and @Comcast aired that racist Trump caravan commercial during the football game,” director Judd Apatow tweeted. “Who made that decision? How did they decide it was ok? I am disgusted that you would air that after @cnn refused to air it because it is explicitly racist. Shame on you. @NBCNews.”

The ad shows the heavily publicized “7,000-migrant caravan” that’s been making its way through Mexico, toward the U.S. southern border. It’s the subject of many of Trump’s tweets as he rails against the undocumented immigrants and warns that “America cannot allow this invasion.”

The alarmist clip intersperses the images of the migrant families with Luis Bracamonte, an undocumented immigrant convicted of murdering two sheriff’s deputies in 2014. The ad accuses his return over the border to the Democrats, but he was deported four times – including under George W. Bush’s administration before the horrific crime.

Bracamonte brags on camera, saying the “Only thing that I regret is that I just killed two.”

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