These Retro Games Will Turn Your Phone Into A Vintage Arcade

Who needs tokens when you've got your phone?

retro games
A Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. (Neil Godwin/GamesMaster Magazine via Getty Images)
GamesMaster Magazine

Gone are the days of the Super Nintendo and Sega Game Gear, but our love for these retro gaming systems, and the fan-favorite games associated with them, goes on. Luckily, it’s 2018 and technology addresses the ongoing interest. Popular Science put together a thorough list of retro games to play and boy are we ready!

Although consoles like the NES and the Super NES are no longer being manufactured (except for a short run of “classics,” which are smaller versions of the original designs), our smartphones have the operating power needed to launch and play classic titles like Sonic the Hedgehog and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Classic games like Tetris and Prince of Persia are free-to-play on the Android and Apple stores. Space Invaders and Mega Man can be purchased for under $5 bucks. For a few extra dollars, gamers can download and play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas right on their phone for only $7.

You can even play Pac-Man, the ultimate retro arcade game, for free!

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