Style | December 13, 2016 9:00 am

Clothes and Personal: Todd Snyder

13 lessons on the art of dressing sharp and living well

This is Clothes and Personal, in which we sit down with one of the brightest names in menswear to talk about the articles every man should have in his closet.

They say the clothes make the man.

Not today. Because today, it’s the man who makes the clothes … literally.

On the heels of his New York flagship opening, American menswear powerhouse Todd Snyder recently sat down with InsideHook to chat about the perfect T-shirt, pajamas and the one article every man should own.

Hint: it’s not pajamas.

What was the first item you ever designed?
The first thing I ever designed was a tie print while I was interning at Polo while in college in 1992. Ralph picked my design out of many, not knowing it was mine. Then I saw Bob Costas wearing it on TV the next year. It made my father very proud.”

Give us one piece of style advice every man should adhere to …
“I follow my favorite quote by Oscar Wilde: ‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated.’ Don’t skimp on dressing well. It makes a difference … women love it and bosses take you more seriously.”

If you own one thing (style-wise), it should be …
“Invest in a good watch, even if it’s over $5,000. It’s well worth it because they will increase in value over time. Stick with vintage luxury brands like Rolex, Heuer, Tudor, Panerai, IWC, Longines or Omega. Hodinkee has the best assortment and you can trust them for quality and value. We’ve partnered with them to curate a selection for our New York store.”

If you own one thing (period), it should be …
Every man needs a navy suit. It’s the most versatile item in your wardrobe. You can wear it to your first interview, to a wedding or break it up and wear it as a blazer, while the pants can be worn on their own or paired with a sportcoat.”

The one toiletry every man needs is …
Pomade. Your hair needs it. It’s the first thing women look at.”

On the perfect T-shirt …
“Fit is most important. It needs to be trim without being too tight or too loose.”

(Blank) make a great gift
“[Cosmetic] products make a great gift. We carry Aesop, because it’s my favorite. They have the best scents and products that make you look great.”

On watches …
“Vintage. I would never buy a new sports car. It’s the same philosophy.”

On jewelry …
“Masculinity is important. Make sure whatever you wear is simple and not too dainty.”

On pajamas …
“I don’t wear pajamas. I like wearing cut-off sweatpants like the ones from our collaboration with Champion.”

On the new opening …
The store is a small emporium for the modern man to shop.  We have everything from a tailor shop, Moscot eyewear shop, a barber and a place you can get a drink. I wanted to make it simple and easy for guys to dress their best and not feel intimidated by fashion.”

Tell us about the private client experience …
Private Client is a teaching experience to help guys dress better. If they have questions about what to wear with what or they don’t have time to shop on their own, we do all the hard work for them.”

What’s the key to a stellar look?
“Simplicity is key. I love the monochromatic look. Use one color and play with tones in each garment. For example, wear a navy jacket, chambray shirt, mid-blue tie and dark brown shoes.”