How to Protect Your Face From Chicago Winter

Aesop has everything a man needs to protect his mug

By The Editors
October 26, 2016 9:00 am

Show us a guy who claims he’s ready for winter, and we’ll show you a man who’s forgotten the single most important thing worth protecting: his mug.

And seeing as reports say we’re in for long season of frigid lashings, now’s the perfect time to make your skin icebox-proof.

Which is why we spoke with the trusted skincare specialists at Aesop — who just opened their first Midwest store in Bucktown — for practical info on how you can survive winter hale, healthy and handsome.

The Aussie skincare label has something of a cult following around the world, and their newly opened storefront in Bucktown — the brand’s first in the Midwest — is a bricked-out oasis of everything a man needs to battle the elements, along with a helpful staff that can identify your skin type and guide you every duck-booted step of the way.

Between bitter lake-effect winds, sub-arctic temps and moisture-sucking heat, winters around these parts is certainly no friend to your skin. The key? Hydration. Lots of it. And not talking about water. Read on for more helpful tips.

Opt for a gentle cleanser. While it’s common to focus on moisturizing, the Aesop Bucktown team says the importance of cleansing cannot be overstated. Their recommendation: the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser. It lightly exfoliates so it doesn’t strip away skin barriers, while the lactic acid gently removes dry and damaged skin cells, improving the texture of the skin and making it feel softer and smoother.

Don’t neglect toning. Winter exacerbates patchy and unbalanced complexions. Getting yourself a toner will help balance the skin and prepare it for hydration while adding an extra layer of dapper glow and anti-oxidant protection from the wind. After cleansing, simply splash a teaspoon of the Parsley Seed Facial Anti-Oxidant Toner on a cotton pad or directly into your hands and pat on your face and neck.

Select an adequate moisturizer. Winter in Chicago brings the combined effects of cold outdoors with overheated indoors. Moisturizers do depend on skin type, which is why it’s best to visit the store for an in-person consultation. But as a catch-all for those with vulnerable skin, Aesop recommends its Elemental Facial Barrier Cream, which offers generous nourishment against biting winds and dry air. Feel free to apply it whenever necessary. Similarly, the brand’s Avail Lip Balm with Sunscreen acts as a protective barrier to relieve and soften dry lips.

Bring it, winter. We’re ready for ya.

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