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Chipotle Now Makes Apparel, and It's Actually Kinda Awesome?

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Chipotle Now Makes Apparel, and It's Actually Kinda Awesome?
Chipotle Goods

To put it simply, Chipotle slaps. Sure, it’s gained a reputation in recent years for being favored by “basic” white girls, but there’s no denying the way a bowl or burrito with some chips and guac (always guac) manages to hit — satiate, satisfy, fulfill, you get the gist. Now the brand is seeking to fill not only our stomachs but our wardrobes with the launch of Chipotle Goods, their new line of apparel that includes everything from avocado print button-ups to baby blankets (for swaddling babies like burritos, obviously) and “foil” phone cases.

The brand isn’t the first fast-food chain to release merch; just last week KFC released limited-edition Crocs featuring a fried chicken print and drumstick Jibbitz, selling out within minutes and now going on StockX for $70 to $100. But, while merch from Taco Bell or McDonald’s feels gimmicky, something you might buy as a gag gift with no intention of wearing outside the comfort of one’s home, Chipotle’s apparel is surprisingly … wearable?

While there are more overtly branded pieces (like this custom order tee), many of the items remain subtle to the point one might not even recognize them as being Chipotle-themed, which is entirely the point. Keeping true to the brand’s ethos of sustainability, Chipotle partnered with Textile Exchange, a non-profit that works to reduce the textile industry’s impact on water, soil, air and pollution. The brand is even putting their beloved avocados to use, using the pits to dye clothing, so now you can both eat and wear avocados.

Taking it one step further, all profits from sales of Chipotle Goods will be donated to causes working to make food and apparel more sustainable. More than a cash grab, the release of apparel is a concerted effort by the chain to further promote sustainability.

Whether you’re a fan of Chipotle or not, the clothing and accessories are neutral enough to appeal to anyone, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to pull up to the gym in head-to-toe Chipotle activewear? It’s what many (ourselves included) would call a flex.

Pepper Lined Bomber

5 Panel Hat

Avocado Pepper Socks – 3 Pack

Chips and Guac Slides

Foil Gym Duffle Bag

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