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Which Men’s Puffer Jacket Is Right for You?

After data tabulation and testing, we came up with the best down (and down alternative) coats for winter

A collage of the best men's puffer jackets on a multi-colored patterned background
A puffer jacket is a necessity when it dips below freezing. Which one is right for you?

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As those native to the cold will surely inform you (perhaps even in choice words) when winter’s bite leaves temps in the single digits, demands the hardiest of footwear and induces windchill effects that will literally freeze your pants off, only the burliest, warmest and generally best men’s puffer jackets will do.

Originally conceived in the 1930s as a stop-gap measure for hypothermia (Eddie Bauer was one of the first to market the down-insulated jackets), the style has kept everyone from George Costanza to Frank Ocean insulated and alive in the coldest of conditions for decades. And the best men’s puffer jackets aren’t just a serviceable piece of gear: from the urban appeal of the iconic North Face Nuptse to runway grails a la Craig Green and (cursed) Balenciaga, the style has a clear après appeal beyond its utilitarian insulation.

The rise of functional, hiking-inspired trends like Gorpcore and new sustainability-driven developments in down technology has further expanded the realm of puffer, meaning that there are a ton of solid and stylish options, from heritage labels (Filson and its ilk) to newer contenders Ibex and Mountain Hardwear. Clearly, when it comes to the best men’s puffer jackets, the real challenge isn’t a matter of if, but which.

That’s where we come in. After days of meticulous research, weeks of wear-testing in the frigid temps of Brooklyn and Minnesota alike, and some serious deliberation, we’ve identified and highlighted some of our favorite puffer designs currently available for purchase below. Some skew affordable, while others are worth their goose-feathered weight in gold, but all provide a serious level of warmth only the best men’s puffer jackets can provide.

Things to Consider:


Puffer jackets are synonymous with down jackets, and for good reason: For years, the treated duck or geese feather insulation, which despite being impossibly lightweight also captures pockets of hot air to keep the wearer (or animal) warm, was the best and only method for creating such a coat. Down’s grade varies, enough so that the material demands its own ranking system to determine the “fill power.” In short, the ranking measures the effectiveness of the insulation’s heat retention.

a model wearing an Ibex puffer hoodie in snowy conditions
The best men’s puffer jackets, like Ibex’s Wool Aire Hoodie, have become standard fair when temps start to dip.

While a high rating might not necessarily mean warmer, it does ensure that you’ll be getting the best weight for your insulation, versus a heavier and bulkier low-fill style, and it is typically preferred — a fact often reflected in price tags. In recent years, concerns over cruelty-free practices and sustainability have led to new insulation options that mirror down’s warming effects, often using wool or synthetic blends.


Puffer jackets may be filled with down and the like, but their exterior and finish are just as important. Given down’s weakness to moisture, a seamless waterproof shell is paramount in wet conditions, and add-ons like shearling lining and reinforced nylon can greatly improve a puffer’s performance and longevity.

The Best Men’s Puffer Jackets for Winter 2023:

Shell Material: 10% Recycled Nylon 10D Whisperer Ripstop | Weight: 8.8 oz | Fill Material: Q.Shield Goose Down | Fill Power: 800


  • Lightweight, water-resistant and ultra warm
  • Shockingly durable
  • Tons of colors


  • N/A

Weighing in as our top pick, Mountain Hardwear wins best men’s puffer jacket not for its pros — and there are many, from a snow-resistant “Whisperer” ripstop outer, anti-overheat 800 fill insulation and bundle of shiny colorways — but for its cons…or lack thereof. With a comparatively appropriate price, adequate specs and all the warmth you could ask for in snow conditions, this jacket was a joy to test through the great outdoors and bodega runs alike. We truly can’t recommend it more — grab one for yourself, we promise you won’t regret it.

Shell Material: 100% Nylon | Weight: 11.375 oz | Fill Material: Proprietary 80 gram Merino Wool | Fill Power: N/A


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Non-down filling performs well
  • More workout-inclined than other styles


  • Too lightweight for serious warmth

Puffer jackets might not immediately jump to mind when comes to winter workouts, but Ibex’s Aire Hoodie makes cold-weather runs bearable. The style, which is one of the few to feature a proprietary merino wool fill rather than down, checks all the boxes for what we need from an active jacket — warm, breathable, with accouterments (zip pockets, cuffed sleeve and a cinch waist) to perform admirably. While it’s not what we might choose for a multi-hour stint in the brutal cold, it’s perfect for quick runs and outdoor training during winter’s chilliest months.

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Shell Material: WarmLife Twill 2L | Weight: N/A | Fill Material: Ethically-Sourced Goose Down | Fill Power: 800


  • The warmest jacket we tested
  • Sleek finish despite warmth


  • Perhaps too warm
  • Mega price tag

We’ll freely admit that we were skeptical of LifeLabs’ “warmest jacket in the world” claim — after all, in a world of grabby monikers and seemingly endless options, who knows what to believe? But after some serious testing on a frigid night last year, we’re convinced — and the CLO (a national-recognized scale for warmth) rating of 9.25, the highest reported in the world, doesn’t hurt their assertion, either. Though a bit cumbersome, the MegaWarm Jacket exceeds heat retention and comfort expectations and remains perfect for any enthusiast striving to find the best gear out there.

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Shell Material: 100% Recycled Polyester | Weight: N/A | Fill Material: 3M Thinsulate Recycled Featherless Insulation | Fill Power: 800


  • The most sustainable jacket we could find
  • Comfort-tested to -20F
  • Lots of pockets


  • Hefty price tag
  • Online-only purchase for most

As we noted in our review, Askov Finlayson’s Winter Parka is something of a miracle — not only as the first climate-positive parka (or jacket, for that matter) to blip on our radar, but for its genuine functionality and warmth in brutal Minnesota temps. Yes, we acknowledge the hefty price, and full recognize it’s not an option for everyone, but if you have the change and even remotely care about your carbon footprint, this is an under-the-radar option you need to consider.

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Shell Material: Recycled Nylon Taffeta | Weight: 11 oz | Fill Material: Power Down | Fill Power: 650


  • Unmatched value
  • Respectably warm


  • Slightly lower fill power
  • No hood

No one, we repeat, no one can offer a better value-to-cost ratio than REI Co-op. Period. The in-house line of America’s favorite outdoor retailer is simply too reliable and too cost-effective to ignore, with an ultra-lightweight, highly compressible, fully waterproof down shell for a measly $100 ($60 for some on-sale colors). If you’re looking to make your dollar go further, you’ve found your choice.

Shell Material: 2-oz 100% Polyester (70% recycled) Taffeta | Weight: 35 oz | Fill Material: 100% Recycled Down | Fill Power: 750


  • Versatile, two-way fit
  • Cozy shearling lining
  • Industry-standard-setting sustainability practices


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Lifestyle oriented

Even without considering its two-in-one form, Patagonia’s Silent Down Jacket is an achievement in sustainability, made with recycled materials and Fair Trade Certified labor. But the real charm of this fleecy zip-up is its versatility: with a cozy fleece side that looks akin to the classic Retro-X bomber and a waterproof, nylon-shelled outer for rainy days and easy hikes, the jacket should take you virtually anywhere you need to go.

Shell Material: 15-Denier Arato Nylon Outer | Weight: 11.8 oz | Fill Material: European White Goose Down | Fill Power: 850


  • Incredible warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Flexible fit
  • Ultra trendy


  • Hefty price tag
  • Slightly long

Canadian label Arc’teryx may have made a name for themselves as the face of the Gorpcore movement in past years (helmed by the aforementioned musician behind Blonde), but their expansive history as one of the leading outdoor retailers far precedes a 2010s fad. With an updated fit and incredibly lightweight protection, the Cerium Down Hoodie isn’t just an ultra-hot layering piece, but a serious investment….and unfortunately, it has the price tag to prove it.

More Men’s Puffer Jackets We Love: