A Guide to Wearing Men’s Jewelry, By a Real, Live Woman
By Logan Mahan / July 11, 2019 1:31 pm

The jewelry a man wears is a subtle way of identifying his character. 

The cross necklace tells me you’re pious and probably haven’t taken that thing off since your First Holy Communion. That single, obnoxious, diamond stud earring tells me you took your recreational basketball league a little too seriously. And the gleaming wedding ring says that you probably should not be in this bar, and you definitely should not be talking to me. 

But this doesn’t mean you should lock away all your jewelry, or if you don’t own any, that you should keep it that way. Properly deployed, jewelry tells us that you’re detail-oriented, considerate of your appearance and that you’ve got some depth (or a secret, everyone loves a secret). And even if none of those things are true, jewelry is an excellent way of tricking people. 

It’s also a super simple and easy way to refine or enhance your look and highlight certain features — if done correctly.

And because, even though it’s 2019, jewelry is still regarded as feminine, it may very well be uncharted territory for you. Perhaps you’re still under the impression it’s best left for rappers and rock stars. But I, a woman, am here to tell you that investing in a couple solid pieces and making it a point to wear them with purpose, is worth it. 

And so you don’t completely fuck this up, we’re going to lay down some ground rules.

Don’t Go Overboard

The first and probably most important rule is to keep it simple. We are anti-layering, so please put down the five gold chains. You don’t want the jewelry to overpower and distract from the rest of your look. So items like leather bracelets, slim chain necklaces, and small rings are ideal. This doesn’t mean you can’t branch out to some more exciting pieces, like items with gemstones or geometric shapes — just stick to one or the other. Use your common sense, and if you start feeling like Flavor Flav, maybe tone it down a notch. 

2mm Chain Necklace

Box Bracelet

Show Us You Care 

I know I roasted you for wearing a cross necklace from grade school, but symbolic jewelry, whether it’s  religious, an heirloom, or anything of significance to you, should be shown off and not left sitting in a box collecting dust. I speak on behalf of all women when I say that wearing something with personal meaning is fucking hot — er, I mean is something we have great respect for.

Meditating Eye Men’s Cuff

Path of Life Men’s Necklace

Don’t Mix Metals

All the metal jewelry you wear at once, save for your wedding ring, needs to match. Luckily most male jewelry is comprised of two metals: gold and silver. The trickier part is matching metals to outfits, which I will explain slowly: Gold is a warmer color, so it goes well with browns, and other earth tones and deep hues like royal blue and hunter green. Silver is a neutral tone and works well to refine black or dark grey outfits, or with lighter colors as to not overwhelm your spring/summer looks. And don’t worry if your wedding ring doesn’t match, it’ll just stand out more, something that should not be a problem. 

Long Silver Rounded Vertical Pendant Necklace

Moore Mesh Ring

Keep It Balanced and Proportionate

There’s a way to wear more than one piece of jewelry at a time without looking like a human chandelier: it’s all about balance, baby— and numbers. Two items per wrist, and that’s including your watch. One necklace per neck, unless you’re confident in your ability to double-up, anything more than two necklaces though, you’re basically wearing a turtleneck. 

You also don’t want your jewelry to wear you, so go for items that are proportionate to your body. If you’ve got a larger neck, choose more substantial necklaces. Bulkier bracelets won’t do your tiny wrists any good. And let’s not draw attention to your weird little fingers by wearing huge rings. 

3mm Gold Band, 14K Gold

Necklace Le 2.6 Grammes

Leather, Leather, Leather

After surveying my friends who are also ladies on their opinions of male jewelry, the leather bracelet was a top contender for sexiest accessory. Which is funny because leather isn’t generally regarded as sophisticated jewelry material. Well, I’m debunking that. A single, simple, quality leather bracelet, or even a necklace, is the perfect beginner piece, and it’s something you can wear every day, and dare I say it, any occasion. It’s comfortable and attractive — so why not?

Centra Leather Wrap Bracelet

Crew Leather Bracelet

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