Sports | September 27, 2016 5:00 am

Watch This Insane Leap Off a 105-Foot High Bridge

Frankly, just watching Dylan Balog walk along the uppermost girder of a 105-foot high bridge over a Masontown, West Virginia river is deeply unnerving: for context, the bridge is the same height as the Tower of London.

But when he finally takes that big step off the side, it’s like you’re tumbling right off with him. (Indeed, in many ways you are, since he filmed it all with a head-mounted GoPro camera.)

Balog has clearly done this before; he brought four large, flat stones up with him and threw them into the river first, to break the water’s surface tension. After psyching himself up for a moment, and with a crowd of onlookers cheering, he freefalls into the water and completely submerges before swimming, evidently unharmed, to the shore.

Watch the video below to get the feeling of falling without ever changing your elevation.