News & Opinion | October 25, 2017 9:00 am

Wine Production Is at a 50-Year Low and Unusual Weather Is to Blame

Maybe wait to pop that special occasion bottle

Just how bad is it the current state of the grape?

This year, global wine production plummeted to its lowest level since 1961. Why? Particularly terrible weather in western Europe.

Announced by the International Organization of Vine and Wine in Paris, global wine output is down more than 8% from last year and is expected to finish 2017 at 246.7 million hectoliters.

The primary reason for the drop in hectoliters (about the equivalent of 133 standard 75cl wine bottles) is because vineyards in Italy (down 23%), France (down 19%) and Spain (down 15%) were hit with frost, drought and other extreme weather conditions, according to the OIV.

While such a substantial drop in production doesn’t necessarily mean prices will increase, it does mean we might have to drink more wine from Australia, Argentina and right here at home.

Solution: We could just stop drinking.

Or, even better, we could address what’s happening with our climate.