New York | June 29, 2015 9:00 am

Heyyy, Watch the Leather, Man!

Handsome cowhide from NYC’s Danny P.

By The Editors

Big weekend coming up.

Likely a weekend that’ll find you traveling. Maybe a little tablet reading on a beach. Almost certainly some pulling-out of the wallet to pay for that hard-earned holiday cocktail.

Here to provide a home to all of those things: New York’s own Danny P., now offering a full range of handsome leather goods online.

Designer Danny Piterak got started when he was sick of choosing between a scuffed iPhone or a chintzy plastic case.

Thus his wallet case was born: a handsome leather billfold featuring a fuzzy-lined pocket where you can safely stash your smartphone — and still access the headphone jack to boot.

Slim and trim, no bulky hassles.

Now, Señor P. is offering stately iPad casings for both iPad and MacBook, as well as a leather messenger tote perfect for stowing last-minute weekend essentials before hitting the proverbial road.

They even do custom embossing jobs, should you want to church up yours with initials, a company logo or perhaps a crazy psychedelic skull.

And if you need a host gift, look no further — as if the leather itself wasn’t good enough, Danny P.’s got just about the most dignified gift (and gift-card) packaging we’ve come across.

The holiday can’t come soon enough.

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