Movies | November 9, 2017 3:30 pm

The New York Times Reports Alleged Sexual Misconduct by Louis C.K.

The New York City premiere of his new film "I Love You Daddy" was canceled earlier today.

The New York Times just released an article in which five different women accuse actor and comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct.

In 2002, comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov were invited to perform at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. While there, C.K. invited them to hang out in his hotel room for a night-cap. The Times writes that the duo thought his intentions seemed “collegial.” But once there, C.K. asked if he could take out his penis. At first, the women laughed, but then he actually did it, Goodman told The Times. The comedian proceeded to “take all his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”

Then, in 2003, The Times reports, Abby Schachner called C.K. to invite him to a show, and she said that she could hear him masturbating during the call. Another comedian, Rebecca Corry, said that he asked if he could masturbate in front of her while appearing with him on a television pilot in 2005.

The Times contacted C.K. this week about the on-the-record accusations of sexual misconduct, but his publicist said he would not respond. However, The Orchard canceled Thursday’s New York premiere of C.K.’s new film, I Love You Daddy, which has been controversial since its debut at the Toronto Film Festival, reports Variety. The Times writes that in the film, a character pretends to masturbate in front of other people, and other characters dismiss rumors of sexual predation.

“Due to unexpected circumstances, tonight’s event for ‘I Love You, Daddy’ has been canceled,” the company said in an email, according to Variety. “On behalf of The Orchard, please accept our apologies. We’re incredibly sorry for any inconvenience.”

C.K. also canceled an appearance on CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert and has been replaced with William H. Macy.

The Times writes that the stories these women tell raise questions about the anecdotes that C.K. tells in his own comedy. He frequently discusses his own flaws and sexual hang-ups and has been known to mime masturbation during the act. On the other hand, The Times writes, C.K. has been viewed as a feminist by fans and critics, but the five women who accuse him of misconduct say his behavior was abusive.

“I think the line gets crossed when you take all your clothes off and start masturbating,” Wolov said to The Times.