Los Angeles | June 4, 2015 9:00 am

Neighborhood Guide: Pasadena

Music, California Italian and cigars. Get out there.

By The Editors

Because every man wants to explore Los Angeles, even if that means actually walking somewhere, we’re proud to present this semi-monthly series that reveals the must-see, -do and -eats in a single neighborhood. Up today: Pasadena.

There are many things you might overhear a discerning gent utter in passing.

“Let’s check out Pasadena today” is typically not one of them.

Historic architecture, sure, but only if you can stomach the strip malls, a drive up the 110 and a nightlife scene that ranges between family-friendly and “This sucks; let’s head home.”

However, with KCRW bringing back its Summer Nights Concert Series this weekend, you might find yourself reconsidering this hillocked bedroom community.

So we made a handy little Neighborhood Guide, which includes some choice dining and shopping spots to make the trip worth your while.

First up, local band De Lux (think Talking Heads with more synthesizers) is opening the Summer Concert series. That takes place in a nice little courtyard in the middle of downtown.

It’s within walking distance to several bustling new bars and a restaurant so good it’s worth the drive in its own right.

Also inside:

  • Chicken and waffle ice cream
  • A venerable cigar shop
  • Vintage sunglasses

And a new pub with an oak-and-mahogany bar you’ll want to post up at until showtime.

Let’s hit it.

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