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Become a Plant Person With These Eight Online Houseplant Stores

How to order ferns, orchids, succulents, even citrus trees right to your door

Leaf & Clay succulent plants
Become the plant person you were born to be.
Leaf & Clay

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I used to think it was stupid to own plants. Sure, I understood the aesthetic benefits of them as decor in one’s home, plus photosynthesis and all that, but the responsibility of having to care for another living being other than myself never proved to be appealing. Then quarantine happened. In one of many attempts to fill the void by buying things, I found myself on The Sill’s website. Mere minutes later, I was purchasing a monstera deliciosa (in a mint Dolores pot).

By the time my plant arrived I had somewhat forgotten that I’d ordered it in the first place, and was worried I made a mistake and was bound to kill it off within days. But upon unboxing it I felt the immediate need to care and tend to it, made all the more easy with The Sill’s detailed (and simple) instructions for doing so. All this is to stay that if you’re hesitant about buying and caring for a plant, there’s no need to be — the process of acquiring some new greenery is as easy as having it delivered directly to your doorstep.

It might seem like a strange concept, having something so fragile going through the perils of being shipped, but there’s a fairly wide and thriving market of companies eager and qualified to do so. And for those new to horticulture, browsing for a plant online is arguably easier than doing so IRL, with brands spelling out the dos and don’ts and guiding consumers in the direction of the best plant for them, whether that be based on living quarters or experience.

If you’re like my pre-plant self and can’t quite grasp the point of owning a plant, I’m here to tell you, as a newly converted plant person, not to think about it and just buy one. My monstera has brought some much needed color and life (quite literally) to my apartment, a refresh I was in dire need of, having spent the past few months confined to the space. While the plant is relatively low-maintenance, I take pride in caring for it, and this sense of responsibility, even if small, is a welcome reprieve from the often overwhelming feelings of helplessness. It’s nice to have purpose once again.

Below are eight plant brands capable of converting anyone into a plant person, offering everything from succulents to bonsai to citrus trees. Happy planting.

The Sill

Chances are you’ve probably seen a plant or two from The Sill pop up at some point on your timeline, largely favored for their aesthetically pleasing pots. While it’s certainly easy to be enticed by the pots and planters alone, it would be a disservice to discount the real stars of the show — the vegetation, which is just as Instagram-worthy as the pots it comes in. The brand carries ferns, orchids and succulents among others, and you can even sign up for a Plants for Beginners subscription box that’ll ease you into your new role as plant parent. And if you lack any semblance of a green thumb, you can always pick up one of their faux plants, which look just like the real thing.


Bloomscape markets their plants as “living room ready,” meaning each one arrives in a pot with proper drainage as well as a matching saucer, so no worry of ruining your floors. The plants come directly from the greenhouse, so you can rest assured that they won’t arrive on your doorstep worse for wear, but as though you’ve picked them up directly from the nursery yourself. If you ever find yourself in dire need of some advice, Bloomscape always has Plant Mom and her arsenal of plant experts on hand to answer any questions or concerns.


It only seems natural that Anthropologie would have a sister brand dedicated to gardening and things of the sort — and in addition to offering all the requisite, aesthetically pleasing gardening tools, Terrain carries plants galore. Somehow, all the plants look as though they’ve been plucked directly from an Anthropologie catalog, so if you’ve always admired that bohemian style, we recommend picking up a few. For those who tend to lean more towards color and blooms, the brand’s selection of dried flowers poses the perfect opportunity to channel one’s inner florist and offers an alternative to cliched roses.

Leaf & Clay

Succulents are notoriously easy to care for and, more importantly, notoriously cute. Leaf & Clay offers hundreds of varieties of succulents as well as cacti, and is a haven for those seeking strange and unusual additions to their living space, with their selection of what they’ve deemed Weirdos as well as their Rare Cultivars. If you consider yourself a succulent enthusiast (or aspire to be) you can sign up for their Plant Mail Club, a monthly subscription that nets you shipments of three 2.5-inch succulents only available to members.


It doesn’t get as self-explanatory as Plants.com, and their vast variety of plants does the name justice. The site features a range of signature collections, which include everything from Low Light House Plants to Easy Care Plants and even Pet Friendly Plants, so depending on your wants, needs and horticultural capabilities, you can easily determine the shrub that’s the best fit for you. And if you’re in the market for a plant that will truly make a statement, Plants.com is currently offering 15% off sitewide with the code PLANTS15.

Click and Grow

Cooking with fresh herbs is a treat, and Click and Grow aims to elevate your culinary experience with their Smart Garden, an indoor growing system that likens itself to a capsule coffee machine. Just as you might put coffee pods in a Keurig, Click and Grow offers biodegradable plant pods filled with seed and nutrients. Pop them into the Smart Garden, fill the self-watering tank (which holds up to three weeks worth of water), plug it in and watch your very own herbs flourish.


Maybe you’re one of those people who has always dreamt of fetching fresh lemons from your backyard, able to brag to your guests that they’re homegrown. Now that dream can be a reality (even if you don’t have a backyard) and you can channel your inner Ina Garten with Citrus’s range of, you guessed it, citrus trees! Imagine how rewarding it will feel to never have to buy oranges or limes or grapefruits now that you have them growing in the comfort of your own home. If you’re lucky enough to have an expanse of outdoor space, you can plant them, or you can continue to grow them in a pot. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful supply.

Urban Outfitters

Yes, Urban Outfitters sells real, live plants, because why not? We’re particularly fond of their selection of air plants, or Tillandsias. These strange, alien-esque tropical plants are special (and low-maintenance) in that they absorb water and nutrients solely through their leaves, meaning no soil is required and you don’t have to get your hands dirty. All one need do is place them in a spot where they’ll receive partial sunlight and spritz them with water once a week. For those already working with tight quarters, these guys take up little to no space, while still allowing you to yield the decorative benefits.