Health & Fitness | January 14, 2021 10:22 am

Deal: This Is Your Last Chance to Take $350 Off the Mirror Fitness Display

It's the hottest name in connected fitness right now for a reason

mirror sale

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MIRROR’S connected fitness display is usually $1,745, but thanks to a clutch New Year’s deal, it’s been $350 off since January 1st. The discount include $100 off the apparatus, plus $250 off for free delivery and installation. It’s a great deal, and this is your last chance to shop it.

There’s a reason that less two years after bringing its first screen to market, MIRROR was purchased by Lululemon for $500 million. The massive screen can be hung from the wall or propped against it with a stand. As anyone who has hunched over a phone or laptop for workouts during the pandemic (or tried to hook one up to the TV) can attest, having a clear, giant screen at eye-level is a game changer. Meanwhile, the Mirror App includes just about any fitness class you can think of — from boxing to Latin Dance — and catalogues your biometrics data in order to track progress. 

Head here to learn more about The Mirror, and if you’re struggling to make a decision, we really recommend purchasing it now. It’ll be $1,745 again in a blink. Use code NEWYEARS21 at checkout.