Gear | April 5, 2019 9:00 am

Grab A Pair of Anker’s Wireless Earbuds for Only $50

It's time to cut the cord

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When I first expressed that I wanted to severely alter my day-to-day and make the transition from corded headphones to cordless, those closest to me warned me of the consequences. What if you don’t like the way they feel? What if you don’t like the way they sound? What if you lose them? You know you’ll lose them. After being verbally attacked, I couldn’t disagree that I do misplace many things. And what if my ear shape is abnormal and after paying almost $200 for Apple’s AirPods, they just keep popping out of my weird ears?

So to find out, I bought a cheaper pair off Amazon, and in short, fell in love with this cordless lifestyle.

And if you too are hesitant, now is a perfect time to make the leap because the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air Earbuds are now only $50. With a similar design to Apple’s, these Anker earbuds seamlessly connect to your bluetooth-enabled devices, delivering a clear sound and eliminating background noise. With the integrated touch-control, you can answer (or ignore) calls, play, pause, and skip music on-the-go. Fully charged, the earbuds hold up to five hours of continuous playback that can be extended to fifteen with the rechargeable case. An AirPod imposter, but more than half the price less.

So go on, free yourself from the cord.

Buy It Here: $49.00