Gadgets | April 12, 2019 12:39 pm

Save Over $200 on a Robot That Will Clean Your Home

Because you deserve to save money, and be lazy

Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum

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Depending how dusty your home is (no judgements) and how lazy you are (again, not judging) this could be a game-changer.

For a limited time, Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is 47% off its original price of $499.98 and qualifies for free shipping, which means you’ll save over $200 for a robot that will clean your home — while you do the absolute bare-minimum. The vacuum features a 3-stage cleaning system, anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, along with two hours of battery life and large wheels so it can climb all over your home. Ecovacs’ laser navigation system scans and maps your home, so you can decide when, where and what you want cleaned. And unlike other robot vacuum cleaners that go off on their own random path, the Deebot follows an optimized back-and-forth cleaning path for thorough cleanliness, and that also saves time and battery life.

You can schedule cleanings via the Ecovacs app, but you can also hook it up to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home and nicely ask it to start and stop cleanings. Because even though it’s just a robot, you should still show it some respect.