Food & Drink | July 10, 2016 4:00 am

High-End Camping Gear for Your Next Backcountry Adventure

Camp Champ Mobile Deluxe Cooking
(Camp Champ)
Camp Champ Mobile Deluxe Cooking
Camp Champ Mobile Deluxe Cooking Unit – See Below (Camp Champ)


Driving into the woods, setting up a tent, and stoking a fire is something that 11-year-old Boy Scouts do. Here at RealClearLife, we are luxury travel enthusiasts, who want to get the most out of our off-the-beaten-track adventures. We rarely abide by the rules—and always go the extra mile for the latest in comfort. Here are five items you should get for your next high-end camping trip.

EarthRoamer – EarthRoamer XV-LTS – The EarthRoamer XV-LTS eats RVs for breakfast. It’s built on a Ford F-550 cab chassis truck; and doesn’t bother with water, power, or sewer hookups. Amenities include a king- and queen-size bed, flat-screen TV, and surround-sound speakers. Bears beware: The EarthRoamer’s equipped with its own night-vision system to check on what’s going on outdoors at all times. Prices vary depending on the model: $370,000–$575,000. For more on the EarthRoamer, click here. Take a tour of the XV-LTS’ interior features below.

Barebones – Safari Tent – Who needs to pitch a tent when you can construct a moveable safari hut? Handling up to 90-mph wind gusts and providing 126 square feet of living space, the Safari Tent sleeps eight comfortably and is a backcountry skiing expedition must. Price: $2,510.00. For more info on its specs, click here. Watch a how-to video on setting up the tent below.

Camp Champ – Mobile Cooking Deluxe – This is the big-boy version of a propane camping stove. A complete kitchen unit for serving six people, the unit includes a gas cooker, with four cooktops, as well as pots, pans, and many other cooking essentials. Who needs roasted marshmallows when you can whip up your own chocolate soufflé? Price: $4,995.00. Buy one here. Watch one of the MCDs being set up below.

Tennessee Stone & Design – The Relic Oven – Of course, you need a grill to go along with that Mobile Cooking Deluxe. So why not add this modularly constructed brick-oven pizza maker that fits on top of any regular 22″ Weber grill? Tennessee Stone & Design recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, so now’s your chance to reserve the oven for just about $1,000.00. Buy one here. Watch a short video about it below.

FitMax – iPool 3D – Sure, the iPool is marketed as a mobile rehabilitation unit—but that doesn’t mean you have to use it as one. Camping in the desert or somewhere far from a body of water? Do your morning laps in the iPool 3D, which includes a deluxe heater and pump—along with the envy of everybody in a 10-mile radius. Price: $2,339.50. Buy one here. Learn more about the pool’s specs below.