Food & Drink | October 21, 2017 9:00 am

Esquire Names the Best Restaurants in America

The perfect list to whet your appetite.

Esquire has rounded up 18 of the best restaurants in the United States, and RealClearLife has pulled out the most interesting and differentiated of their compilation. If you weren’t hungry before, you will be after reading this. Take a look.

1. Roister in Chicago

Roaring fires and fried chicken paint a picture of a southern restaurant on paper, but Esquire notes that chef Andrew Brochu adds touches of China and Japan to create a “radical playfulness” you won’t be able to put down.

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2. Chumley’s in New York

Chef Victoria Blamey conjures the legendary speakeasy back to life in this West Village restaurant. From burgers with bone marrow to tuna carpaccio with tomato-chutney vinaigrette, Esquire reports that Blamey puts a twist on everything she cooks to make it the best version of the dish your tastebuds have ever encountered. The bar also features its own archivist, James DiPaola, who dishes on history’s heroes and villains who line the building’s walls.

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3. Vicia in St. Louis

This is as unpretentious and unprocessed as they come, Esquire points out. Created by a husband-and-wife team, the menu and service is a friendly and conscious hat-tip to the beauty of America’s heartland.