Food & Drink | November 3, 2016 5:00 am

Artist Sketches Pop Culture Icons Out of Avocado

Artist Boris Toledo Doorm clearly didn’t listen to his parents when they told him not to play with his food. The Chilean industrial designer makes art by mashing up avocado, then using a fork to etch designs depicting iconic pop culture images of Marilyn Monroe, the “Mona Lisa,” and Star Wars‘ character Yoda.

Each avocado drawing takes between one to two hours to create, with the longest one taking Doorm six hours to complete. The project came about through his experimentation with other mediums for his artwork. Doorm’s Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with his sketches, and artwork made from other foods. (If you were wondering, the avocados Doorm uses never go to waste; he eats them up after finishing each project.)


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