By Alex Lauer / July 11, 2018 3:32 pm

“Can you carry the cooler?”

That dreaded five-word phrase has the ability to dampen spirits on even the most carefree summer day.

One way to fix this problem? Pick up a wearable cooler. Whether you’re simply crossing a parking lot to the beach or hiking rough terrain to a secret swimming hole, you’ll be able to bring your drink of choice along for the ride.

And since we’ve seen an influx of top-notch cooler bags this year, we decided to round up our favorites, along with a few tried-and-true classics. Below, 10 stellar options, ranked by how many cans they can hold.

Burton Beeracuda
Size: 2 liters
Holds: 5 cans, plus one in an outer koozie
Favorite part: Also comes in a Double Beeracuda size for only $10 more

MUUL RuckBucket
Size: 19 liters
Holds: Not specified, but around 10 cans with ice
Favorite part: Even though it’s on Kickstarter, the expected delivery is this August

Pelican SC12 Soft Cooler
Size: 12.3 liters
Holds: 12 cans
Favorite part: Not only are there tie-down anchors, the base is also anti-slip

Eddie Bauer Bygone Backpack Cooler
Size: 20 liters
Holds: 12 cans with ice inside, plus two wine or water bottles in the side pockets
Favorite part: The metal hook that holds the top down is also a bottle opener

OtterBox Trooper LT 30
Size: 28.4 liters
Holds: Not specified, but around 20 cans with ice
Favorite part: Keeps ice 3+ days and converts between a shoulder or backpack carry

HydroFlask Unbound Soft Cooler Pack
Size: 22 liters
Holds: 24 cans
Favorite part: There’s no extra fat on this bag, which weighs in around 3 lbs. unloaded

Size: 28.5 liters
Holds: 24 cans with ice
Favorite part: The real-tree camo, of course. Oh, and the cross-chest strap.

The IceMule Boss
Size: 30 liters
Holds: 24 cans with ice
Favorite part: It’s good looks are only outmatched by its multiday ice retention

YETI Hopper Two 40
Size: 40 liters
Holds: 36 cans with ice
Favorite part: In classic Yeti fashion, the bag is waterproof, hard-wearing and functional

Corkcicle Ivanhoe Duffle
Size: Not indicated
Holds: 48 cans
Favorite part: Looks like your weekender, and the padded strap makes it wearable