Cooking | June 1, 2020 11:45 am

Deal: Milo's DTC Dutch Oven Is the Cheapest We've Ever Seen

Looking for an affordable alternative to Le Creuset?

Milo Dutch Oven in eggshell white
The Milo Dutch oven is available in two sizes and three colors, including this classic eggshell white.

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The Dutch oven has been one of those kitchen tools we’ve accepted as expensive. It bakes, it braises, it stews, it does everything and looks good doing it, so most people have been happy to shell out (or put it on their wedding registry). But then Milo came along and put the direct-to-consumer spin on the pot, shaving a couple hundred dollars off the price.

Now, Verishop is discounting its stock of Milo’s Dutch ovens by 20 percent across the board, including both the standard 5.5 quart size and the mini 3.5 quart. This is the same discount we saw a month ago when we extolled the virtues of the cookware brand, which means it’s also the cheapest we’ve seen the already affordable option.

Yes, everyone is using their Dutch ovens to bake bread nowadays, and you can certainly do that too. But once you start branching out, it’ll become as much of a kitchen essential as your nonstick skillet.