Cooking | September 13, 2021 11:32 am

Deal: Pick Up a Cuisinart Food Processor at This Wayfair Sale

It's the kitchen workhorse no home chef should be without

Three food processors from Cuisinart that are on sale at Wayfair, including an 11 Cup, 13 Cup and 14 Cup model on a grey background
Wayfair's sale on Cuisinart food processors ranges from the Pro Custom line to the Elemental models.

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You could say I’m a kitchen minimalist. I don’t like appliances that only do one thing (looking at you, ice-cream makers) and I like making things by hand when I can (looking at you, cinnamon rolls). But there’s one seemingly unnecessary appliance I’ve come to appreciate, and that’s the trusty food processor. 

Don’t have one yet? Then it’s time to pick one up from Cuisinart while the top kitchen brand’s models are on sale at Wayfair

Far from just chopping salsa, a prime selling point for food processors, these workhorses are great for homemade hummus (much better than the tubs you get at the store), making easy pie crust (it’s apple orchard season after all), and making all the sauces your blender can’t handle. Plus, a few pulses lets you simply chop your onions and garlic with no hands, making prep a whole lot quicker.

One Note: Wayfair, like Amazon, likes to say things are discounted when they’re not. But with Cuisinart, there are some notable, 100% real sales you can rely on, like the 13-Cup Elemental model, down from $200 to $170, which we think is the best buy for most people; the smaller Pro Custom 11-Cup, down from $169 to $145; and the larger Custom 14-Cup, down from $250 to $221.

Whichever you decide to go with, you’ll want to grab one at this discounted price. You’ll thank us as you process your way through the heartier home-cooked meals you have planned for the fall and winter months.