Action | October 24, 2014 9:00 am

Your Crash Course In Spy Stuff

In which you get kidnapped.

By The Editors

Being kidnapped is terrifying.

Knowing how to get away if it happens: empowering.

Introducing SF’s Rift Recon and their intensive (and fun) three-day Art of Escape program, tickets on sale now.

The Rift guys are packing 20 years of experience from a range of military, private sector and electronic security backgrounds, and their brand of consultation is typically more of a contract offering in the halls of power.

Art of Escape opens their expertise to the public.

You’ll learn the essentials of lockpicking, improvising tools, gathering supplies and staying off the grid.

Then you’ll put your skills to the test when Rift’s team kidnaps you, strips you of your resources and actively pursues you through the city — assuming you can get away.

So yeah, depending on your taste in adrenaline, it’ll either be horrifying or epiphanic.

Regardless: one helluva lot better team-building activity than intramural dodgeball.