Action | February 19, 2017 5:00 am

John Shocklee: A Skier and Ski Guide Who Never Ages

John Shocklee is a legend among the ski bums in Silverton, Colorado. At 51, he’s the oldest guide on the mountain. A Grand Canyon guide by summer and ski guide at Silverton Mountain by summer, Shocklee is youthful inside and out. His secret? Doing what he loves. He moved from Ohio to Colorado after falling in love with the mountains at 39. He hasn’t looked back. These days, one can find Shocklee on the mountain, blasting old-school hip-hop and plowing through powder with a vigor of a man 20 years his junior. Shocklee also helps other skiers avoid treacherous pitfalls in Silverton’s rugged terrain.

Listen to his inspiring story and watch him tear up the untamed slopes in the video below (some NSFW language).


RealClearLife Staff