Action | March 31, 2017 5:00 am

See BASE-Jumper Take Stunning Leap Off Wind Turbine

(Negative4 Productions/Youtube)
(Negative4 Productions/Youtube)

How many steps does it take to tip a turbine blade? Not very many, as a daredevil BASE-jumper recently discovered.

Footage from a stomach-turning jump, filmed by Negative4 Productions, shows the jumper sauntering across a 150 ft long wind turbine blade. Gravity quickly takes over, and as the turbine stalls, the athlete gives a quick countdown, then promptly leaps off of it, deploying a parachute and gliding to the grass 200 feet below.

Although it looks effortless, BASE jumping is “widely regarded as the most dangerous sport in the world,” the production company told the Mirror.

“When a jumper adds a little creativity to danger, you get the phenomenon we call ‘blade running.’

Take a look at the incredible footage below.