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The 12 Best Socks to Give as Gifts This Holiday Season

Give him what he really wants (hint: it's socks).

The 12 Best Socks to Give as Gifts This Holiday Season
Mr. Porter, Farfetch, Alex Mill, East Dane

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when socks become one of the most thrilling gifts a person can receive. Typically this transformation occurs sometime in early adulthood, when the desperation for basic necessities far outweighs the want for some extravagant gift.

While you can rest easy knowing that your socks will be received with sincere enthusiasm, it doesn’t make the task of shopping for them any more exciting. But maybe that’s because you’ve been shopping for socks the wrong way — if done properly, you’ll find it a rewarding and stimulating retail experience.

That’s because when we talk about gifting socks we don’t mean the generic Hanes 12-pack. Rather, the socks you gift should speak to the individual you’re shopping for, their specific tastes, interests and hobbies. Once you have those narrowed down you’ll find yourself faced with a wealth of fabrics, patterns and colors to choose from and the seemingly impossible will occur: you’re overwhelmed by socks.

In order to make the process of shopping for gift-able socks easy, but not boring, we’ve gathered 12 of the best pairs currently on the market, all suited to a range of situations and sartorial sensibilities. So whether your guy is a Deadhead with an affinity for tie-dye or could use a little help reigning in his sweaty feet, we’ve got you covered.

American Trench

For Channeling a 70s Basketball Pro: American Trench FW20 Retro Stripe Socks

Add a little pizzazz to your regular rotation of sneakers with American Trench’s retro-inspired socks. They bring the perfect touch of vintage to an outfit, without managing to feel dated, and would even look handsome peeking out from a pair of boots.

Alex Mill

For Keeping the Peace: Alex Mill x The Hand Dyed Project Cotton Socks

Alex Mill proves that tie-dye can in fact be sophisticated, as evidenced by their recent collaboration with The Hand Dyed Project. Each pair is dyed by hand, meaning you won’t be gifting just socks, but one-of-a-kind creations.

Darn Tough

For Wearing the Rest of Your Life: Darn Tough Frequency Crew Light Cushion

Socks and underwear are the two pieces of dress we replace most often. It can take only a few years of consistent wear for socks to develop holes in the toes and heels, but Darn Tough uses high-quality merino wool and a unique fine gauge knitting technique to make all their socks extra durable. The best part? If you do get a hole in one, just send it back and they’ll replace it for you. All their socks have this lifetime guarantee but the Frequency Crew Light Cushion is the pair I wear the most, especially once the temperatures drop. They’re comfortable enough to wear around the house or under a pair of Blundstones if I’m going out. 


For Cozying Up by the Fire: L.L.Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks

Crafted from a heavyweight (and itch-free) Australian merino wool, L.L.Bean’s Ragg Socks are the perfect pair for padding around in, making those hard-to-function winter mornings slightly more bearable.

East Dane

For Feeling Luxe: Anonymous Ism Velor Bi-Color Crew Socks

Don’t let your eyes fool you — these aren’t metallic socks. Rather, sock brand Anonymous Ism has crafted this pair from an ultra-soft velour that’s then detailed with subtle colorblocking, hence the sheen. Consider slipping into them on those days when you feel a little blah and could use a pick-me-up in the form of a slightly ridiculous but luxurious pair of socks.

Darn Tough

For Hitting the Trails: Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Sock Cushion

Hiking is hard on your feet, so Darn Tough did everything possible to make the 1/4 Cushion’s as comfortable as possible. They’re seamless, with more material on the heals to prevent bruising, and less material on the sides to help with ventilation. The merino wool wicks away foot sweat and is naturally anti-microbial. Plus, they have a lifetime guarantee, so if dirt and rocks wear away at the material after months of hiking, Darn Tough will send you a new pair.

Todd Snyder

For Flashing Some Skin: Corgi No Show Cable Sock

Not every shoe and outfit is conducive to a pair of socks, and sometimes they can detract rather than add to the outfit. But instead of going sans sock altogether (ew), opt for a pair of no-show socks like Corgi’s cable knit version. Your feet will remain nice and protected while the sock remains completely hidden. So if you’re feeling a little frisky, go ahead and flash some ankle.

Mack Weldon

For Running Like the Wind: Mack Weldon AIRKNITx High Ankle Sock

Combining air-flow enhancing AIRKNITx technology with the anti-odor capabilities of odor, these Mack Weldon socks are ideal for keeping your feet fresh and comfortable event through the most grueling of runs and workouts.

Mr Porter

For Impressing Your Coworkers: Falke Tiago City Fil d’Ecosse Cotton-Blend Socks

While many are still working from home, the return to the office looms large. With that said, it’s never too early to start conceiving outfit ideas for your first day back, and it’s important to consider all the minute details, down to the socks. This burnt orange Falke pair are understated enough to go with a range of colors while proving to be more interesting than the standard navy pair.


For Combating Excess Sweat: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Sock 2-Pack

Listen, we all sweat, just some of us more than others. If you know someone who’s afflicted with the sweats 24/7, even in the dead of winter, throw ’em a bone via Proof’s 72-Hour Merino Crew Sock. Harnessing the moisture wicking and odor resistant properties of merino wool, the 72-Hour sock helps to regulate temperature and keep those dogs dry.


For Truly Stuntin’: Gucci Interlocking G Socks

Yes, these are nearly $200 socks, but the opportunity to flex and stunt on them hoes? Now that’s priceless.

End Clothing

For Highlighting Those Impressive Calves: Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Sock 3-Pack

Nike’s crew socks will forever be a staple, thanks to their simple design featuring that iconic swoosh, favored for their ability to lean either athletic or casual. Remember to pull ’em up high and draw attention to those stems of yours.