Wolverine’s Iconic 1000 Mile Boot Is Now the Perfect Fall Sneaker

The Horween leather lace-ups come in four colorways

August 3, 2018 9:00 am

If dogs are man’s best friend, a dependable pair of boots lands somewhere in the top five.

But while a boot’s best traits — weather-resistance, firm construction, a tendency to look better with age — are inherent to the form, those same characteristics can and ideally should be applied to every shoe on your rack.

Say hello to Wolverine’s 1000 Mile Original Sneaker, a brand new drop from the century-old Michigan boot gods. It’s the Vibram-soled cousin to the company’s best-selling 1000 Mile Boot, blending Horween’s workshop-to-trail Tumbled Essex Leather with a relaxed, lightweight construction.

wolverine (4 images)

Other footwear outlets (like Converse) have beefed up their standard canvas knit to include all-weather Gore-Tex options in the last year or so. But with certain designs, those reinforcements can come at the sacrifice of subtlety and style. Not so here. The 1000 Mile is offered in brown, tan, black and even blue, and maintains a blend of casual and don’t-mess-with-me all the while.

In fact, we’ll just say it. This is the perfect fall shoe. You can quote us.

Pick up a pair ahead of the foliage here.  

All images from Wolverine

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