Todd Snyder’s Comfy, New York Bar-Themed Tees Are 50% Off

Consider it a more discerning update to the concert tee

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As a fortysomething, I’ve outgrown the concert T-shirt (and don’t get me started on grown men wearing uniforms to sporting events). But a modest, well-designed tee that highlights my boozy afterwork proclivities in New York? That’s a tee that’ll age with me nicely in my declining years.

Todd Snyder, one of our favorite New York designers, released a series of NYC pub (and general spirits) themed tees a little while back, and now that whole Speakeasy collection is a bit over 50% off.

A lot of Old Town Bar options here — a name just generic enough to work for any city (as does the one shirt that just announces BAR) — but there are also a few generally clever liquor-forward designs here, too. Be the hero who wears a charcoal tee that announces “A Man Walks Into a Bar.”

One rule remains from our concert tee days, however: don’t wear the bar-themed tee to the actual bar on the tee.

BUY IT HERE: $60 $29

Photos: Todd Snyder.

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