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I’m just like any other man.

On occasion, I enjoy lounging around on a wintry Sunday afternoon, one hand in my pants, one hand on the remote, watching all the things my cable TV has to offer. But then I feel the burdensome guilt of my slovenly ways and decide I need to go for a run in order to do something productive.

And while I need to change my state of mind to do such things, one thing I certainly do not need to change is the state of my pants. And that’s because I’ve been wearing Uniqlo’s Dry Stretch Sweatpants, and will be doing so on most Sundays for the foreseeable future. In fact, I may ask to be buried in them so that I may rest in versatile comfort until I’m nothing more than dust.

And I am very pleased to share with you that right now, they’re only $20.

When I first saw these joggers in the store I picked them up expecting your typical fitted cotton. Much to my surprise, they were anything but. These top-notch sweatpants are made from a dry stretch fabric that is just as comfortable as traditional cotton, but more durable and structured. I put them on when I get home from work to relax. I wear them when I do physical activity in chilly weather. I wear them on early morning flights, since the zippered pockets and quick-drying capabilities also make them a phenomenal travel pant. And after two years of regular wear, there’s nary a hole or stressed patch in site, which any proud sweatpant wearer will tell you is par for the course with more common cotton sweats.

And while the $30 price retail price is already incredibly reasonable, the $20 discount is just so absurd I’m planning to stock up on a few more pairs just in case Uniqlo discontinues them and I’m forced to find something of similar quality that is inevitably 4x the price. I suggest you do the same, dear reader.

Buy It Here: $20

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