These Cozy Flannel Sheets Are Ideal for Winter AND Spring

Built from the world’s softest sustainable fabric, now 20% off

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My New York apartment has the heat on from October through April, with no ability on my end to control it. For older buildings, this was a cheap and necessary way to provide tenants with a set level of heat.

I approve in theory … but then get a random 55-60 degree January day and it feels like Phoenix in summer. So even on the coldest nights, I keep the windows cracked, creating an untenable mix of dry heat and a below-freezing breeze. Add in a comforter that traps in way too much body heat and it’s an exercise in poor temperature regulation.

Enter Upstate’s new line of flannel sheets, which have solved all my sleeping problems, at least when it comes to warmth. Crafted in Northern Portugal on traditional looms from “Eco-Heather brushed flannel fabric” — a mix of 90% upcycled fibers and 10% organic cotton — these sheets have proved to be ridiculously cozy and breathable during my first week of use. And I plan on using ’em until New York gets above 60 degress (which could be March or late May).

The brand calls their eco-friendly cotton blend the “softest sustainable fabric in the world” and so far, I agree. Love the muted plaids, too. But the smartest thing Upstate has done? Include a top or bottom tag indicator so you know which way to put the sheets on (after temperature, my second biggest complaint on sheeting).

An exclusive at Huckberry, the Eco Heather Flannel Sheet Sets, which come with fitted/flat sheets and two pillowcases, are currently on sale for $110-$125, a savings of 20%.

BUY IT HERE: $110+

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