$15 Seems Like a Reasonable Price to Pay for a Lifetime of Comfy Socks

Stance's Infiknit collection starts at $14.99 and is guaranteed for life

Stance's new INFIKNIT line starts at $14.99 and is guaranteed for life
Stance's new INFIKNIT line starts at $14.99. (Stance)

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At the end of “Cavern,” Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio sings, “Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.”

Good advice if you ever find yourself at a Phish festival, as there are plenty of things on the ground — including porta-potty “mud” and disenfranchised hippies — from which you are going to want your shoes to serve as protection.

Unmentioned by Anastasio are socks, an afterthought for many of us which often go uncared for and are regularly worn in various states of disrepair.

With Stance’s new line of Infiknit socks, that no longer has to be the case.

Guaranteed for life, the socks in the Infiknit collection are made from a proprietary fiber blend of nylon, cotton and wool that provides extreme durability in the areas of the foot that generally experience the most friction.

In casual styles, that’s in the heel and the toe, whereas, in performance styles, that’s in the heel, toe, forefoot and sometimes even the ankle.

As a result, the socks are super-resistant to wear-and-tear and are guaranteed not to rip, tear or develop holes at any point.

Stance Infiknit socks.
An illustration showing how the new socks are made. (Stance)

Priced at $14.99, Stance socks with Infiknit are now available in both performance and casual styles.

While that price may seem a tad high for a pair of socks at first glance, it’s actually a fairly reasonable ask if you consider you will never have to pay to replace the socks should they start looking like a block of Swiss cheese.

So how exactly does the lifetime guarantee work? It’s really quite simple.

Should a pair of Infiknit socks develop a rip, tear or hole, Stance will replace them with the same pair or an equivalent, no questions asked, as long as you can provide photos of the problems to the company via email.

Even easier than doing that — and avoiding having to wait four to six weeks for a replacement pair in the mail — Infiknit customers also have the option to go to one of Stance’s 22 retail locations and make an in-person exchange.

In addition to solving the pain point of having to pay to replace ripped socks, the Infiknit collection, in theory at least, will help cut down the environmental impact of discarded socks winding up in landfills.

“Holes suck, and they especially suck for the planet,” says Stance co-founder Taylor Shupe. “Socks with holes get thrown out and add to our landfill problems. Instead of creating a technology that would drive consumption, we created something to help curb it by making something that lasts. We’ve developed a number of textile innovations that have set new standards in comfort and performance, but Infiknit has been the most rewarding Stance innovation to-date.”

Good for the planet and actually good for your wallet when you consider all the other crap you’ve likely spent $15 on in the past month (looking at you Baby Yoda bobblehead), Infiknit socks are actually a hell of a deal.

Plus, they’ll free you up to spend more time taking care of your shoes.

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