Rhone’s New Hoodie Is Your Post-Workout Best Friend

Stretchy, warm and sweat-wicking. Handsome, too.

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Admission: I own about 20 hoodies, including the $1.6 million Kickstarter sensation and a 100% Mongolian cashmere number that cost more than any wardrobe item I own outside of suiting. Which is hilarious, given that New York’s extreme temperatures — right now, it’s 20 degrees outside, 80 degrees in the office — make for terrible hoodie weather. The ideal times for putting on a hooded sweatshirt are spring and fall, two seasons which don’t really exist here.

But I’ll happily recommend Rhone’s brand new Spar Full Zip Hoodie, because 1) Rhone is a master of tech-y but still good-looking athletic gear and 2) this layer has purpose. It’s full-zip (as all good hoodies should be), moisture-wicking, soft and features just a bit of stretch. Oh, and it has two pockets — again, a feature all good hoodies should possess.

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It’ll work fine as an additional layer but it’s really the zip-up you’d throw on after an outdoor workout … or if you’re moving from sweaty to cold and back again (see: subway platform to street to office).

Consider it your comfy cool-down after a cold weather run or a horrible daily commute.


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