L.L. Bean Just Tweaked Their Iconic Bean Boot for Rainy-Day Wear

They're probably gonna sell out in 3...2...

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Outside of sneaker drops and anything with the word Supreme pasted across it, few menswear items are more prone to sellouts than L.L. Bean’s iconic Bean boots, which come in famously small batches thanks to the company’s aggressive commitment to making everything by hand in their home state of Maine.

That popularity also owes to their iconic status: the boots Bean makes today are nearly indistinguishable from the first ones that came off the assembly line back in 1912. (Oh wait, just kidding, the assembly line itself was invented a year later, in 1913, which should tell you something about the provenance of these boots.)

Needless to say, it’s a capital-letters Big F*cking Deal when innovations do spring up, as is the case with a new model of the boot made in partnership with fellow Mainers Flowfold. The only major change here is the introduction of a lightweight, water-resistant sailcloth upper, rendering it more of a spring rain boot than the more wintry cowhide original. Elsewhere, everything is in its right place: rubber chain-tred outsole, high-ankle cut, leather trim.

Two colors are currently available — a heather grey and an olive. Neither will last.


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